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Comedy Writing

If you’re newly in the stand-up comedy business or a seasoned comedian and you need some great material for your show, you have come to the right place.

It takes creativity, timing and an understanding of the talent or the project to provide great written material. Writing stand-up bits as they are called in the business are never written verbatim, a comedy writer should provide a concept or bullet points to a comedian, it is then the responsibility of the comedian to make that bit his or her own. My writing style is fluid, I’m able to adjust to the artist or the content. I’m able to create the punchline and work backwards or enhance a punchline. I can also write bits that tell a story which then allows me to wrap humor around the facts or fiction.

I have written for some of the biggest names in the comedy business. Oscar award winner Monique had a segment called the Monique Moment that aired daily on WHUR Radio in Washington DC. I wrote the Monique Moment segments and was honored with an AIR (achievement in radio) Award.

I was a writer and talent on comedian Rickey Smiley sketch show that aired on BET. The responsibility of a writer for a sketch show meant that I had to be quick on my feet and or be able to adjust creatively to make a sketch work. This also meant that I had to come to every writing session with funny ideas and be able punch-up (make funnier) sketches that had already been created. I not only performed original characters for the Rickey Smiley sketch show, but I was also the writer for my characters. 

Please contact us for any writing projects.

Comedy Production

Terry Tuff has created and produced shows for the comedy stage and radio. Producing a successful comedy show takes experience and creativity to make sure you that you bring together comedians that have shows that do not duplicate or overlap the show of the comedian they are sharing the stage with but that they complement each other’s show which will allow all the performers to shine. Terry Tuff has produced, booked, promoted, and hosted successful comedy events that showcased talented comedians such as D. L Hughley, Monique, Tony Woods, Earthquake, and the list continues.

Terry Tuff has created and produced comedy for radio on major radio stations across the country. He was and is one of the pioneers of creating original comedy characters for radio. Terry Tuff has also written, produced, and voiced commercial radio spots for stations across the country.

Please contact  2 Tuff comedy for any comedy, radio, or commercial production.

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